Web Activity Designs

Dane Garvin Ltd. (DGL) custom designs individual web activities that provide:

  • Minimal need for IT Department time…just a single out-link
  • Domestic & international reach
  • Secure user access & entry
  • Full operational and quality control provided by DGL
  • Management access (24/7)

The CAFÉ Learning Management System (LMS)

DGL’s proprietary Learning Management System (LMS) is called the CAFÉ system. “CAFÉ” is an acronym for “Custom Academic Facilitated Education”. This system allows for the customization of individual activities to match the educational needs of the audience, employing the best technological methods to maximize educational outcomes.

CAFÉ System Strengths:

  • Inherently customizable
  • Modular construction
  • Scale to need
  • Flexible
  • Robust
  • Safe & secure
  • Easy to Use

Analytics & Metrics

Gathering data is easy. Gathering the correct data, having it readily accessible, and presenting it in useful and easily comprehensible formats is more challenging, however absolutely essential.

Dane Garvin’s proprietary CAFÉ Learning Management System (LMS) allows us to customize every program to meet academic needs in the exact manner to maximize educational outcomes. Each individual activity has the potential to include any or all of the following elements:

  • Promotion (email, print or web invitation)
  • Landing Page
  • Frontmatter
  • Registration
  • Pre Test
  • Media (academic content)
  • Unlimited User Pathways
  • Post Test
  • Course Evaluations
  • Credit Application(s)
  • Certificate Generation
  • Users
  • Sessions
  • Bounce Rate
  • Session Duration
  • New vs Returning Users
  • Browser Stats
  • Sessions per Location
  • Trends

Why Dane Garvin

Dane Garvin provides superior, proven formats for delivery of clinically relevant web educational content.

We focus on the technology of user engagement, i.e. how to design online educational activities to better engage and better educate attendees.