Dane Garvin Ltd. (DGL) is a tech-based educational resource company established in 2004. We provide strategic, custom, turnkey ed-tech solutions for the healthcare industry. We work with medical schools and institutions, medical societies and associations, publishers and medical scientific journals, accreditation providers, commercial and other healthcare-related entities. We help them create and deliver state-of-the-art quality web education and training based on the following:

  • Academically sound, well-presented content
  • Experienced faculty, editorial expertise, and web-tech excellence
  • Custom-built, branded web designs and operational systems
  • Innovative and effective interactive formats (our specialty)
  • Collection and analysis of user data (analytics and metrics)
  • Strict attention to legal and regulatory requirements
  • Adherence to guidelines as required for hosting accredited activities (CME/CE)
  • CME and P.A.C.E.® Accreditation Management
  • Comprehensive analytics, metrics and reporting

DGL has successfully created and delivered thousands of educational and training activities. Let us show you how we can do this for you