Dane Garvin is an educational resource company that provides the healthcare industry with strategic, targeted, and turnkey education and technology solutions. We conduct and produce symposia, publications, web conferences, and many other types of clinically relevant educational programs.

About Dane Garvin

Working with medical centers, researchers, publishers, and accreditation providers, we create and deliver cutting edge academic content while maintaining strict adherence to regulatory standards and guidelines. We offer comprehensive partnerships in the delivery of essential clinical and scientific information to the global healthcare community. While managing the technical, logistical and administrative elements involved in producing quality academic activities, Dane Garvin enables our educational partners to keep their focus on meeting the continuing education needs of their staff, members, subscribers and clients.

Since 2003 Dane Garvin has delivered hundreds of CME / CE accredited continuing education activities built on pertinent topics in healthcare, strong faculty speakers and unique, state-of-the-art, multimedia technology.

With 100% Educational Grant and Regulatory acceptance to date, Dane Garvin delivers results. We create turnkey CE with global reach and frequency leveraged through multi-media excellence.

Our proprietary Learning Systems track user engagement to provide for educational outcomes measurements.

With our 40+ years of experience, we strive to provide the best, state-of-the-art continuing education programs for the healthcare industry. With a thorough understanding of the needs of healthcare professionals and the many challenges they face, we provide them with an array of programs and services that:

  • Recognize their time constraints
  • Can be accessed anytime and from almost anywhere
  • Are concise yet thorough, understandable, and clinically relevant
  • Address their academic priorities and continuing education needs