Improving Web Education

Dane Garvin Ltd. provides educational development and support services to the international healthcare industry. This includes medical schools, institutions, societies and associations, publishers / journals, and commercial entities.

About Dane Garvin Ltd.

Capability Statement

  • In the last 15 years, Dane Garvin has produced and delivered nearly 2,500 online educational activities.
  • In the last 30 years, Dane Garvin personnel have participated in nearly double that number of live meetings, symposia, and other types of traditional programming. The academic content for many of these live activities was successfully converted into web format, and delivered to much larger multi-specialty audiences over extended periods of time.
  • Dane Garvin educational activities are built on ever-improving delivery platforms featuring the key ingredients for successful programming: quality production, effective website placement; relevant topics; excellent faculty; and engaging multi-media presentations.
  • Our proprietary Learning Management System (LMS) tracks attendee engagement, enabling real-time analytics and metrics. This provides the basis for comparative outcome assessments that are of value when assessing the learning results of different types of educational activities.
  • With Dane Garvin web systems you get educational results on a predictable, reproducible basis.

Strategic Educational Solutions

Goals, Strategy and Tactics

We know the difference between goals, strategy and tactics. We define and employ them with a synergy that only comes with experience.

Our primary goal is always the same: to provide education that enhances clinician knowledge which improves patient outcomes.

Our strategic designs incorporate:

  • Exceptional expertise: medical, scientific, clinical, with multi-specialty cross-pollination
  • Superior international and domestic faculty
  • Relevant, contemporary topics
  • State of the art multi-media format
  • Expansive distribution provides reach, awareness, and frequency
  • Enduring educational presence

Our tactics include the myriad of essential logistical details. The most pertinent include, but are not limited to utilization of:

  • Live meeting (content capture)
  • Multi-media web activities (slide, audio, fully-referenced text, video panels)
  • Multi-accreditation as appropriate
  • Medical society endorsements
  • Targeted audience acquisition

At Dane Garvin, we combine the core elements as appropriate for each individual educational activity.

Our Commitment

In collaboration with our educational partners, we…

  • Deliver what we promise
  • Are fully engaged & committed to success in design and implementation
  • Handle the details with an expert staff
  • Create and maintain world class educational partnerships
    • Faculty (academicians, clinicians and other related healthcare professionals)
    • A broad range of accreditation providers
    • Medical societies & organizations
    • Medical & scientific publishers
  • Closely adhere to regulatory and legal parameters

Events & Activities

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